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I'm a variety streamer mostly enjoying story-driven and simulation games.

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We set up a Mastodon server for streamers

Nov 20, 2022

A big migration from Twitter to other platforms is happening with the decentralized, self-hosted social networking service Mastodon feeling the brunt of it. Because of the lack of a Mastodon server for streamers, we set up our own - read how we did it and how you can join!

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Changing hair- and eyecolor live on stream with OBS plugins

Nov 2, 2022

For a charity event, I used a blue wig, blue contact lenses and some OBS plugins to be able to change my hair- and eyecolor with a button press on my Streamdeck. This is a tutorial how to do it.

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Devices not connecting with Bluetooth adapter on PC

Apr 11, 2022

My PC does not come with Bluetooth built in, so I had to use a USB dongle to connect my new Garmin smartwatch to their esports software STR3AMUP!™. However, my watch would not connect to the Bluetooth adapter, so I had to do some research. This post is not about the watch and can be applied to all Bluetooth devices that need to get paired with a USB Bluetooth adapter!

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Voicemeeter alternative for OBS

Mar 20, 2022

Voicemeeter is the most recommended software for streamers if they want more control over their audio input while being live or the option to work with more audio tracks in post. However, there is an OBS plugin that gives you not only even more options, it's also much easier to set up without having to reroute all your system audio.

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Reactive images for simple VTubing

Mar 9, 2022

Two ways of using images that change when you speak on stream to get a simple (!) VTubing experience or make your Discord overlay more fun.

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My bot of choice - Firebot

Mar 6, 2022

I have been using Firebot as my only bot for at least a year and have not been looking back. Firebot is a standalone Twitch bot similar to (the no longer supported) Streamlabs Chatbot. It comes with a lot of functionalities, is very flexible and well maintained.

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Editing 2021 highlight compilation

Mar 2, 2022

I love editing montages from Twitch and YouTube content. Especially if you have a batch of clips made by either you or your community at hands makes the editing proces an activity full of your own punchlines and jumpscares. :D I decided to write a bit about my proces andprovide some tips.

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Why Hitman is good improv practice for content creators

Feb 26, 2022

Content creators in general but livestreamers in particular a dependent on coming up with entertaining content and react to unexpected situations which is almost like improv theatre. Especially livestreamers creating gaming content will be "working together" with other elements of their stream to work with and bounce thoughts of - might it be chat providing clues for interaction, the game triggering reactions or other gamers in a multiplayer situation. If playing a solo and wanting to practice improv, Hitman (3) is a great game! For streamers, games act as other gamers in an improv situation that they react to or can use for roleplaying, which is an easy way to be entertaining in.

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